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We offer the assistance you need to help in all of your mortgage endeavors. Whether you are consolidating your debt, refinancing your home, or buying your first house, we have the expertise to make it a fast, easy, and enjoyable process.









What Our Customers Say About Us

We care what our customers think of us and so should you. We are partners in your business and your success is ours.

I have not bought a home since 1996. This was the best experience I have had doing this process. Staci is highly professional and helped us through this process and was very patient with my extremely poor computer skills. I highly recommend giving Staci a call for all your mortgage needs.

Joann Dohn

I have not bought a home since 1996. This was the best experience I have had doing this process. Staci is highly professional and helped us through this process and was very patient with my extremely poor computer skills. I highly recommend giving Staci a call for all your mortgage needs.

Joann Dohn

I started working with Michael Ferraro while exploring my options for my next home. I was considering the purchase of a renovation property or an updated home. Michael explained my options for each scenario, and when we found the home we wanted to purchase quite suddenly, Michael was able to get everything in place for an offer quickly. He communicated well each step of the way and ensured there were no surprises at closing. My experience was very positive, organized, and seamless.

Jennifer Yoon

We are so happy we chose Staci to help us with our refinance. She made the process very easy. Staci is very knowledgeable and walked us through each step. She was patient, explaining the process to ensure we were comfortable moving forward and always available for questions. I would reccomend Staci 100% and will be contacting her for amy future loans.

Amy Horton

We are so happy we chose Staci to help us with our refinance. She made the process very easy. Staci is very knowledgeable and walked us through each step. She was patient, explaining the process to ensure we were comfortable moving forward and always available for questions. I would reccomend Staci 100% and will be contacting her for amy future loans.

Amy Horton

This was the fourth time we have worked with Staci on either getting a mortgage or refinancing. Staci is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She is vey responsive, often returning calls or texts into the evening and on weekends. She was able to make suggestions about alternatives that best suited our needs. I have recommended her to others and would do so in the future again. We would also work with her again, ourselves, should the need arise! Thank you, Staci, for all of your efforts!

Patricia Blaser

This was the fourth time we have worked with Staci on either getting a mortgage or refinancing. Staci is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She is vey responsive, often returning calls or texts into the evening and on weekends. She was able to make suggestions about alternatives that best suited our needs. I have recommended her to others and would do so in the future again. We would also work with her again, ourselves, should the need arise! Thank you, Staci, for all of your efforts!

Patricia Blaser

I started working with Michael Ferraro while exploring my options for my next home. I was considering the purchase of a renovation property or an updated home. Michael explained my options for each scenario, and when we found the home we wanted to purchase quite suddenly, Michael was able to get everything in place for an offer quickly. He communicated well each step of the way and ensured there were no surprises at closing. My experience was very positive, organized, and seamless.

Jennifer Yoon

Staci stuck with us for a horrific 8 month ordeal of trying to sell our house and purchase another house. She was the only one that did! She always called or e-mailed to check on us throughout the entire time. Always communicating and giving advice.

Our sale and purchase ultimately fell through but because of her we will not hesitate to try to sell and purchase in the future.

She will be the first person we contact when the time comes to try again.

She does what she says she will do and is always on her client's side. ALWAYS!!!!

Casey Cox

Staci stuck with us for a horrific 8 month ordeal of trying to sell our house and purchase another house. She was the only one that did! She always called or e-mailed to check on us throughout the entire time. Always communicating and giving advice.

Our sale and purchase ultimately fell through but because of her we will not hesitate to try to sell and purchase in the future.
She will be the first person we contact when the time comes to try again.
She does what she says she will do and is always on her client's side. ALWAYS!!!!

Casey Cox

We appreciate Staci Rubin so much! She is so knowledgable, and we felt confident and well informed throughout the whole refinancing process. We were pleasantly surprised that everything but the closing (which was at our house) could be done over the phone or through emails, texts and the bank's site. No matter whether it was a phone call, text or email, Staci answered any questions we had right away. Also, she was "on it" with the various people involved who might not be too concerned with our timing. We needed things done by a certain date because we were going out of town, and Stacy didn't let people take their time or postpone tasks. She worked hard make all of it happen when we needed it to happen. We highly recommend Staci Rubin!

Marilee Morrow

My husband and I just closed on our dream home last week. This would not have been possible without Staci Rubin! You see, In life you meet millions of people but there is always one that stands out and make a lasting impression. Well look no further, Staci is that one. After your loan process you will be excited to share your review as well. Staci took over our loan process when it was a huge mess. In less than two days she fixed everything. We were on a time schedule and she ensured everything was expedited. She has great communication skills. You have to be ready for when she calls because she will be constantly contacting you through the whole process. Staci is one of the few who take pride in her work and get joy in knowing her clients were satisfied. Staci we are so thankful for everything and I hope this review helps someone who is in a similar situation or any situation. Thanks, a million times over!!!!


If I was asked to give one word to describe experience with Staci while buying our house I would not be able to answer. I know one word could never measure up to our experience. She gets an “A” every time. Staci is Awesome!! Amiable, Adaptable, Altruistic, Ambitious and the list goes on. When no one else can’t handle a delicate case she can. From the very start to the end Staci kept in contact. Communication was always transparent and perfect. She ensured all options was exhausted and we were over prepared before every step. We never had to get caught up on anything, it was always proactive. I feel that I have made a friend and will miss the conversations and texts. She worked hard to ensure we got the best interest rate and closed at the earliest time possible. Staci is the real deal. She is one of the very few people who is good at what they do. Staci, my family and I are very grateful for the time you invested to assist us in buying this house.

Nicole Charles

My family started our house buying in June 2019 we went with A different lender we had a closing date of July 25. We got a video email two days before closing saying congratulations see you at the closing table well the next day we got an email saying that we were not closing something came was a big mess they had us in ...Friday August 2 Staci Rubin from bank of England contacted us saying she can do our loan ... well here it is August 8 and we close next Thursday... she is amazing I can’t thank her enough if you’re looking to purchase a house and want it done right use her...

BobbieAnn Hawks

I was a little nervous to work with an agent long distance, but Staci was amazing! She was available all the time through phone, email and text and answered my million questions! She even offered discount to for educators! Would definitely recommend her services!

Gina DeMeza

Staci is a great person to work with. She works expeditiously to get the loan closed. She even goes the extra mile to speak with other professionals (with your permission and presence) to request necessary documents. In less than 3 weeks the loan process was finalized. I would highly recommend Staci for your mortgage needs!

Quantae Nunn

Staci was amazing to work with. She walked my husband and I through the entire process of purchasing our first home. She made sure we understood every step and we are extremely grateful for everything that she did for us!


I had the best experience with Staci Rubin. She was responsive, supportive, and kind throughout the entire process. There were times that were difficult but Staci didn’t give up, worked tirelessly, and in the end, she was able to help us accomplish what we needed to do and with a great rate! I am both grateful and thankful that I responded to the email sent to my school because with her help, we have consolidated while saving money each month! I recommend Bank of England’s Staci Rubin to everyone, regardless of his/her financial needs! Thank you, Staci!

Lonnie Godsey

In 6 short weeks Staci took us from "we think maybe we want to buy a house" to closing on what will be our little piece of heaven! She was always there for us, answering questions and calming nerves. She was available on weekend, nights, was so nice to know I could just text her when i was nervous or questioning something. I really can't thank her enough for the service she provided for us. If you are considering buying a home...this is most definitely who you want by your side!!

Sandy Dudley

Great help

Staci was able to facilitate the quick transfer of this property to me. When difficulties arose with inspection, she was proactive in finding solutions. At no point did I ever think that Staci wouldn't find a way forward. I would recommend her without reservation.

Cheryl Patterson

I contacted Staci Rubin as a potential loan officer from the Bank of England about 2 months ago when my wife urged me to look at a home that was up for sale in the local market. As an educator, I was happy to learn that Staci offered several ‘Educator Benefits Options’ (with some waived-fees), plus she thoroughly understands the home-buying process and is willing to walk a potential buyer / loan client through each step of the process.
Note, merely getting me qualified for a home loan was not Staci’s sole priority as Staci also made sure that I asked the right questions and completely weighed in all factors for consideration before making an offer on a home. Yes, I did shop other loan agents, however, none compared to Staci. Staci was prompt in her actions and always helpful. So, Staci quickly became my Lender of choice over those who had come highly recommended.
Almost daily, Staci stayed in contact with me. If I had a question, she texted me back or called me within minutes. And, each time Staci’s concise reply was helpful, guiding and productive.
Yesterday, I closed on my house purchase with Staci as my Home Mortgage Lending Agent on a home that is right for my family. With that stated, now that all has closed, I look back and realize that God answered my prayers. We now have our own home. And, I thank God for sending “Staci” to serve as our top-notch Lending Agent ; truly bringing me ‘peace-of-mind’ during a process that can be stressful. So, what is my testimonial? It’s “Staci Rubin is the lending agent you would want from the beginning to the end of your homebuying process."

Bert Exsted

Mike Ferraro was awesome every step of the way! He was prompt to reply to any questions I had, he even reviewed other offers I had from other lenders and made sure I was aware of differences or discrepancies. He called, emailed, or texted me any time I needed anything. I chose to work with him and BOE because of his upfront and thorough communication, his offer never changed and was the best from the start. I felt I could trust him, and was at ease working with him throughout the entire process!


Michael Ferraro was my mortgage officer on my 1st home buyer purchase on 4/24/19. Let me tell you, he is truly amazing. My 1st attempt was a FHA Rehab loan, got all the way through the process and the seller terminated the contract. He was soo helpful in that the seller wanted me to forfeit my deposit, Mike was having none of that. I put in multiple offers, no luck. He was sooo patient and apologetic that they didn't work out. My final purchase, he came through like a champ for me, up to the very last minute. He took the time to call me before the closing to explain the closing disclosures. Even before we had extensive conversations about the best mortgage for me. He got me a great rate, least down payment possible, and mortgage payment in my budget. I am soo grateful, I couldn't have survived the home buying process without. Mike Ferraro is THE MAN!


I wanted to thank you Michael for your professionalism and attention to detail. Going through the mortgage process is never easy and always complex. You made the entire process as smooth and easy as possible . Thanks to you we absolutely love our new home. We would highly recommend Michael and the rest of the BOE team.


Mike was on top of things from the very start. We knew ecactly where we stood at all times. He was also quick to respond with revises numbers when changes took place. This is the second time we used Mike and I recommend him to everyone.



Staci was very efficient and committed throughout the loan process. She made sure every t was crossed and every i dotted. Throughout the entire process she would alert you on the next step. She did her part and at times ours too. At one point my husband and I was trying for two weeks to retrieve an invoice from an insurance company that was
desperately needed with the closing docs. We were told that it couldn't be done. Staci intervened, and her statement to them was "NO is not an option". " WELL", the docs were in our possession within 24 hours. Staci professionalism make the loan process very easy. We are all amazed at the promptness in processing this loan. My realtor stated: "I never had anyone to expedite a loan so quickly", I would love to have her on my team". I haven't met Staci, but she is surly a part of my team. Thanks again Staci for your early morning, late nights and hard work. I have and will continue to recommend you because of your commitment throughout the processing of the loan.

Christine Way

Bruce was extremely communicative. He was always available for questions and advice. He explained the process and never promised anything he could not deliver. I will recommend him to others!!!

Christina Lisle

The communication with Bruce was excellent and immediate! He explained every step of the mortgage process very well. It was the easiest refinance I've ever experienced.

Betsey Burham

Extremely knowledgeable loan officer!

Experience loan officer and well trained. Helped me every step of the way. Highly recommend, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you Bruce!!!

Jennifer Morales

He was timely in his responses and very knowledgeable of his bussiniss. He was very understanding and kind in his interactions with both my wife and me.

Tim Weitkunat

Mike did a fantastic job on what was probably the 5th refinancing of our house that we have owned for 30 years. I heard him talk on a radio show and called the next day. From that day when I made the application to the closing, which he arranged to be held in a vacation retreat in the mountains of Connecticut, was less than one month and at the lowest published interest and with minimal fees. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it is true.

Robert Ferry

Working with Michael was the best refinance experience I've ever had! He is very knowledgeable and was very helpful throughout the entire process. He was very responsive to both email and phone communications. I would highly recommend him for your next home purchase or refinance needs!

Chris Farrow

Mike offered an incentive to the faculty of Kutztown University where I am employed as an assistant professor. Once I decided to purchase my first property, I recalled that offer and contacted Mike. He had indicated there might be some savings available on closing costs for faculty, and that ended up really helping me. Mike was terrific. He stayed on top of paperwork requests and even navigated the ridiculousness of the deal; which included the seller dying in the middle of the deal, the new players from the estate, and two real estate agents that couldn’t seem to communicate or work very fast. Mike was the one person in my deal who I felt was consistently on my side helping to get things done. He kept me sane. I would recommend Mike without hesitation. I had the craziest situation that just seemed to get worse and worse and more complicated, and Mike smoothly worked out all the kinks, even dealing with just the listing agent when my agent dropped the ball at a crucial point. I would confidently work with Mike again and advise my friends to work with him if they want a mortgage professional who is efficient, smart, on top of things and extremely helpful in a calming manner. Two thumbs up!

Amanda Harris

Mike Ferraro was a good thing because he turned out to be the right person for the job. Mike was forthcoming with the possibility of the loan; no false promises. He was knowledgeable concerning my particular circumstance. Mike presented me with all possible ways that I could have gone with the loan, and allowed me to make my choice based on my circumstances. I was very appreciative of that because he was not “pushy”. I would tell anyone deciding on whether to use Mike Ferraro for a loan to go right ahead. Based on my experience, Mike was very professional from start to finish. He looked for all possible ways to make it happen, and it did for me.


Mike Ferraro took it upon himself to come to bat while my application had been still due to a title issue. He made himself available to work with me to determine what was required with respect to my file. He worked one on one with me in order to process the application swiftly and understand what was expected with respect to the title issue. Mike was patient and flexible enough to ultimately provide me a very low interest rate and manageable mortgage payment tailored to my budget. All and all I was very pleased as he got the ball rolling from processing the application to ensuring that the loan made it to closing.

Ken Gratz

Mike Ferraro was recommended by a co-worker. I had already contacted several banks prior to Mike so I had some preliminary info and when I compared what he offered he was the lowest. Mike was always available for us to ask questions and get clarification, which I liked much better than dealing with a bank. It was nice to have Mike as a resource and it made us feel like we had an advocate. He helped secure our loan with the best rates. He was very responsive to get our loan closed and explained everything thoroughly. I would highly recommend Mike Ferraro to do your loan.


Mike was absolutely flawless and I attribute that to Mike’s expertise in the mortgage business as well as his commitment to me. No matter what the question, no matter what the issue, Mike always got back to me punctually and followed through until we found a solution. He solved everything through to closing and it could not have been any smoother. He always got back to me quickly if he was not there to answer my questions personally. He made sure that every piece of the process was thorough and in order so there was no breakdown on the way to closing. He was knowledgeable, courteous with a good sense of humor and very efficient. He made sure that everything that was needed for “closing”, and there was a myriad of paper work as you know, was E mailed in an expeditious manner to the Title company so “closing” could take place as it was scheduled. I would give Mike my highest recommendation. Effective. Efficient. Knowledgeable. An absolute pleasure to work with a great representative like Mike


Mike Ferraro came highly recommended to me by my parents who had refinanced their home with him and were very pleased with his services. I benefited by working with Mike Ferraro in the fact that he helped me close on my refinance quickly, easily, and I wound up getting a much better interest rate on my mortgage which will save me approximately $340 per month. As a recently divorced, now single mother, these savings are highly beneficial to me. The process was essentially completely stress-free. Mike was extremely responsive from the time I put in my application to even questions I had after I had closed. He kept me up-to-date with everything that was happening with my loan, and made sure the process went along efficiently. He always promptly returned my e-mails and telephone calls and patiently and professionally answered all questions and concerns I had. I never felt like I was out of the loop or not sure where things stood with my loan. He communicated everything wonderfully. I was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly, easily, and quickly Mike made the whole process for me. I would unequivocally recommend Mike to any potential clients and in fact have already passed his contact information along to several friends and coworkers who mentioned they may be interested in refinancing or purchasing. I could not be more pleased with his services.

Dawn Grandol

I was referred to Mike Ferraro because they were local. I enjoyed the correspondence we had via email and I liked that I was able to just send documents via email to keep the processing moving in a timely manner. My APR was as stated with no hidden costs. Mike provided the product as described with timely responses. The experience overall was a positive one. Closing was extremely quick and pleasant.

Harriet Miller

Mike Ferraro was my mortgage originator. He helped us refinance our 15 year loan to a new 15 year loan and lowered our rate a full point. He was very cooperative and responsive. He was always available via email and phone to answer all of my questions and concerns. We had an excellent experience and I’d highly recommend him.

Vince Anastasi

We chose Mike Ferraro because he offered an educator incentive to all Kutztown University employees which waives closing costs. I did my research and Mike was also recommended by a colleague who he had done a loan for. Mike reduced our rate substantially and our mortgage was converted from 30 to 15 years. He guided us through the process from beginning to end. I would recommend Mike without hesitation.

Michael S

I came across Michael Ferraro by luck since I responded to a radio ad. Indeed I was lucky. He was right there explaining each step along the way ,always explaining everything in detail. He showed me how I could get a better interest rate by taking a shorter term loan. He made sure we closed on time and avoided any increase in interest rate or extension fees. He even arranged for the closing at my home. I would definitely recommend Michael, in fact, I already have several times.

Frank Rubino

Mortgage Doctor aka Our Mortgage Guy ...

Words cant explain how grateful my husband and I are to have Mr. Bruce as our Mortgage Guy!! We had been in a horrible mortgage process from March 2018 - May 2018 with no answers just faxing more and more information in the dark on what was going on and then told we were declined. It was a very discouraging process. Then we were referred to Bruce. He had such a welcoming energy and at first we didnt believe anything would change about our loan. After talking to Bruce he was so informative and helpful and shed so much light and hope in our situation. He was so honest and up front. Ill never forget what he first said " I'll do everything I can to help you and your husband in this house you want but if i cant i will let you know what house i can get you into"; he did exactly what he said. Mr. BRUCE was all around awesome, caring, humble, knowledgeable, and his heart really is into what he does. No matter how many questuons i had and how many times i called he was always there and ready to help me understand. I will refer him to everyone i know. He will always be our mortgage guy. He turned a dark and hopless situation into a victorious ray of sunshine. We are forever thankful and grateful for all of his hard work and dedication. We are homeowners because of his love for his job!! He is stuck with us forever.

Jasmine Ingram

I highly recommend Mike and his team to anyone looking for exceptional help with a mortgage or refinance. We've worked with his team on three separate occasions over the past five years and we can't be more satisfied with the outcome. They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and always put your best interests first.

Russell Secor

Professional and attentive mortgage specialists. Mike and the team get the job done right!

Phil Stan

Mike was on top of things from the very start. We knew exactly where we stood at all times. He was also quick to respond with revises numbers when changes took place. This is the second time we used Mike and I recommend him to everyone.

Mark and Mellissa

My attempt at finding someone who could work with my credit score and limited funds was a challenge. Two other lenders didn't want to put forth the effort after seeing my scores and lack of thousands in the bank. Not Bruce. Bruce said to me "if you are willing to work for it, I'll get you there". Bruce connected me to a credit repair company who was very useful. My credit score jumped 100 points in 6 months! Once that was achieved, Pre-approval was easy, but there was still many challenges ahead. I needed help with the hefty down payment, Bruce explained my options and all options were used. Finally, once we found a house and the financial assistance from every angle legally possible, we were under contract for a house after 1 year 5 months of hard work, but it went very quick. I'm sure others would have faster success with Bruce who are in better shape then me. The understanding of buying a house and how the FHA system works is hard to understand. Being prepared every step of the way and being overly proactive is crucial when you are in a limited position. All I can say is, LISTEN & DO what the man tells you. Don't drag your feet, don't get discouraged, he is honest, upfront, and one step ahead all the time! If you need a blessing/miracle to get you in a house, there is no other better person to help get you there!

Maurice Massey

I reached out to Bruce to discuss possibly refinancing my home mortgage. Not only was Bruce responsive in finding me the best deal we closed by the end of June. Bruce was on top of all the paperwork needed to close the loan and provided immediate response to any and all questions I had throughout the process. The whole experience was easy. The title company even came to my home for closing. I would highly recommend Bruce Waller to anyone in need of a home loan.

Jessica C. Stephenson

Bruce was very knowledgeable about the different types of mortgages, he explained everything in a clear consice way that was easy to understand, and he was always available to answer any questions. He was organized and helped the process move smoothly.

Wendi Ludy

Staci was helpful, personable, tough but fair. We had a very good experience and enjoyed working with Staci. We unsuccessfully attempted to purchase a home a few years ago. As soon as I spoke to Staci I was 100% confident she would get the job done. We are closing on our house next week. I know God sent Staci to us

Rebekah Wood

Total professional, Expert financial advocate
Staci is amazing! She is quick, on point and always looking out for her client. Be prepared to ramp up your financing process because she is FAST! There are mounds of documents and she is on it - organized and efficient.

Marie Magyar

Staci Rubin was my loan officer in securing my re-financing on my home. She was very organized, thorough and professional, as well as kind which made the whole process so quick and easy!! Was so impressed with how quickly she got back to me on all my questions and concern's! I would HIGHLY recommend her to my family and friends. She is an incredible person and sure does know her job very well!

Clydine Yarbrough

Professional powerhouse!

Staci was immediately responsive and helpful from day one. She explained everything step by step, moved through the process swiftly, and found me a far better refinance arrangement than a competitor did. I felt like she listened to me and responded with skill and experience. I would recommend working with her to anyone I know. What a pleasure to work with someone deeply committed to serving the customer professionally!

Cheryl Huff-Marmora

Bruce was a great communicator at all phases of our loan he communicated everything that we needed and answered all questions. Bruce was very upfront and truthful which is a loss art in the financial business. Bruce did a excellent job.

Ken Campbell

Mike Ferraro did an great job managing our fairly complex and very time sensitive situation. He is extremely detailed and patient. Great rate and great service, highly recommend!

Joe and Courtney Elgindy

Before I contacted Bruce I did my homework on him and a few other lenders. Let's just say I've had a few unpleasant loan dealings in the past and wanted no repeats! From start to finish, Bruce was attentive, responsive, detailed, and enjoyable to work with. I had been worried about working with someone out of state, but quite frankly our locations made no difference with the ease of technology nowadays, and the closing attorney coming to our home made life that much simpler. I'll definitely be contacting Bruce again when I have mortgage needs.

Rebecca Bennett

Staci made the process of refinancing smooth and seamless! She explained each step of the way in terms that I understood, and answered all of my questions. She even explained how the refinancing process will affect me next year.

Heather Baug

Staci was available when ever I needed to answer any questions. Even during evening and weekend hours. I would recommend Staci to others interested in getting a mortgage.

Patty Lowe

The Best Experience Ever!!

Staci is extremely professional, she communicated with me all the way through the whole process and made buying a home virtually stress free. I did not think that buying a home would be possible for me but Staci was able to assist me on what to do and made buying my dream home a reality!! I highly recommend her, she has been a complete pleasure to work with and I will be recommending her to all my friends and co-workers!!! Thanks Staci!!!

Franco Merrick

If you’re in market for home financing, look no further and contact Mike! From your first interaction with Mike you’ll understand quickly that he will take good care of you. As complicated and daunting the mortgage process can be, Mike will help you navigate all the options, provide his coaching, and make sure you never miss an opportunity. Our family was fortunate to have Mike help us finance our home, and he can do the same for you!

Derek and Jen Lambert

Bruce is GOD sent!!! Due to Hurricane Irma, and several factors, our loan took a while to close. Through an obstacle filed journey Bruce was GOD sent, and truly instrumental through the process. Our loan was a miracle from heaven on sooo many levels. Bruce was passionate, hard working, and fought for our best interest through the entire journey. Would definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone!

Bertine Eugene

She took the time to explain me the differences between loans, how my income ratio affected the approval process and many other questions I had throughout the process. Let me say that she did all this OUTSIDE of business hours! She was available on her cellphone with projected monthly payments for each of the properties I visited (even on Sunday). She also provided her expertise with comments about each property I was interested in, sharing possible issues, elevated prices and knowledge in the real estate business and market. She got my loan approved in record time! All the process was online and I didn't have to move from my office to submit documentation. Their website is very user friendly.

Unfortunately I didn’t had the opportunity personally, otherwise I would give her a big appreciation hug for all her help and patience in my loan process.

Diana Torres

Dreams do come true.... with Staci!

Staci is absolutely amazing! She was able to help us purchase the home of our dreams when we didn't think it was possible. Staci was ahead of the ball from day one and knew exactly what, where, how, why and when. I highly recommend working with her and the Bank of England.

Rachel Kost

Mr. Waller was extremely knowledgeable of the "in's and out's" of the refinancing our mortgage. What with all the complicated requirements to get a refi done, it's reassuring to have someone as well versed in the processes as Bruce is. I would recommend him to all my family and friends.

George Laurence

Staci's attention to detail and diligent efforts made the loan process go very smoothly. Excellent communication and absolutely no pop-up surprises from start to closing

John Sweet

Mike is an amazingly patient person. We refinanced our first home with him. After we sold our first home we went right back to Mike again. He is extremely honest and answers all questions in a timely manner! I would recommend Mike to anyone!

Sandy Bakey

Mike was a tremendous help to us in our mortgage process. Because of his expert knowledge in the mortgage business, we're proudly able to call ourselves homeowners today. He was exceptionally thorough and guided us smoothly through the process. We highly recommend Mike and we will definitely will using Mike in the future.

Russ S

Communicates throughout the entire process. Also, texts. Is there for you to answer all questions. Applies zero pressure. To refinance nowadays is a lot quicker than it was 10 years ago and less painful.


Staci was very Knowledgeable, detailed, right to the point, fast and truthful! I shopped around before I decided to go with Staci, and she was right on the numbers since the first day we started working together. I would recommend Staci to anyone looking to buy a home.

Leda Zelka

Staci Rubin was very helpful and responsive in coordinating a refinance to help us obtain a new 15 -year mortgage, with cash out for home renovations. Online process somewhat complicated - as all loan applications are - but Staci handled it very smoothly. Staci is thorough and knowledgeable and great with the follow-up. I would recommend Staci to anyone planning to refinance a home mortgage.

Elizabeth Daley


I have never worked with someone who was more dedicated to making sure that I was satisfied with my choice. Staci is amazing!!!! She is very caring, loyal and personable. She on many occasions went beyond what I have experience in the past as this is my third home purchase.

Myra Sherman

AWESOME! Bruce was on top of the process from the start. He was proactive with potential issues, available anytime to address questions or concerns, and was always upfront and honest with where we stood. Most of all, he made a process that is usually all about numbers and dollars about people. He will do everything in his extensive powers to get you to closing. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone looking for a mortgage.

Greg Grasso

Bruce works fast and is professional. We refinanced just before Christmas. Great job! Bruce was always available to answer any questions. I highly recommend him.

Ken McCahill

I was thinking we had a unique situation that may be difficult, but Bruce has a lot of experience with situations like ours. He took the time to not only address my loan needs, but gave me other useful information to help guide my future decisions. Communication was thorough and timely. The online loan process was a breeze! Way easier than the first two paper mortgage applications we filled out. Highly recommend.

Sarah Ward

Staci Rubin just did our Refi in barely 5 weeks, seamlessly, and gave 2 State Government Public Servants THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! Kept things on track to create outstanding results!

Staci is engaging and professional, very hard working, and we had a tricky loan to pull off. Nothing stopped her, and I can't share the gratitude I have for Staci Rubin. THE GREATEST person you could hope for your team. Great Job!

Jeffrey Carter

We just received the most courteous service, during a challenging refi from Staci. Could not have done it without her expertise and incredible hard work. We are State of Florida Govt Public Servants; and I feel that having Staci handle our mortgage is the reason we are having a fantastic holiday. Without Staci’s tireless daily work, I doubt we’d be Celebrating barely 5 weeks later!!! Fantastic????

Mike LaRochelle

Staci made me feel great, she treated me with patience and respect. Made very thing seem simple and comfortable. No matter my questions and nerves, she had the answer and knew how to make me feel able to achieve a goal I didn't know I could achieve. I would definitely refer any of my friends and family to her.

Rebecca Ferrell

Just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to Bruce Waller. Often people are willing only to take the time to file complaints about poor performance but I'd like to take a moment to give praise.
Recently Bruce worked with my husband and me on a refinance which wasn't an easy task. He made sure to stay in communication and explain the process, always being polite and respectful. I have
provided family and friends with Bruce's contact information, so that he can provide them with the
same helpful services.

Vanessa Starr

Staci was very thorough and walked me through every step. She was always available to answer any questions that I had. I would recommend Staci to my friends and family.

Lee Streetman

Bruce is nothing short of respectful, knowledgeable in addition to extremely relatable. He has the ability to help one maintain calm during a tedious and seemingly unending process. Thank you, Bruce for keeping the course and maintaining calm. You made a scary and frustrating process tolerable.

Cameron Howard

Exceptional! Bruce was available every step of the way. He made everything as seamless as possible. He was truly a joy to work with. When I got frustrated he was always able to calm me down. He was very patient with me and was so positive about everything.

Michele Freeman

Bruce was extremely helpful and very professional and very prompt throughout our entire mortgage process. He was with me every step of the way. He called me many times to explain the process and to answer my questions.

Whenever I had a question to Bruce, he returned my emails and answered all my questions very promptly and efficiently. I could not have asked for a better mortgage originator and advisor. I learned a lot from Bruce. He is very professional, prompt and very helpful. I will tell all my friends and relatives about my wonderful experience with Bruce. I am very satisfied with the services I received.

Tuna Saka

Staci is Fantastic

Staci Rubin helped us get into our dream home. We did not have the easiest mortgage to get approved. She worked her magic and told us exactly what to do every step of the way. It wasn't always easy and at times it was very stressful but she kept assuring us if we did what she said it would all work out and she was right.

Julie Aubin-Mark

Staci gets the job done!!

Staci is a really hard worker and extremely knowledgeable about her field. Her in-depth knowledge of the market and real estate is one of the many reasons why she flourishes in her profession. It was truly awesome working with her.

Margalita and Yohan McGlashan

Highly recommend Staci !

Staci was extremely knowledgeable about this grueling mortgage process. She was available 24/7 and really pushed me hard to get the myriad of documents I needed to produce so the loan would close on time. She has a no-nonsense assertive style and definitely knows all of the ins and outs of the mortgage process, which can be very overwhelming.

Robert and Jill Krause

Staci Rubin

Staci was wonderful from start to finish. The minute she received our application she called me and we got started. Staci knows her job and exactly what forms and documents to ask for. Everything happen so fast for us which was great. It was not a long drawn out process which was just what we needed. Staci was in touch with us daily sometime two or three times a day. Always letting us know what was going on. I would recommend this company and Staci to anyone who needs a lender. Staci deserves a raise, great asset to your company.

Essie Norton

Fantastic experience!

For an event that can be potentially very stressful, Staci makes the home buying process simple. She is available when questions arise via phone, text or email; I was never concerned for a minute about the way my loan was progressing. Staci kept me up to date through each step of the process. Despite her location in Pennsylvania and mine in Florida, it felt like she was just down the road. Getting paperwork to her and signing documents was a breeze. I'll recommend Staci above all others... a great experience!

Dorianne Nicholson

I was impressed from the start and I am so glad that I reached out to Bruce because he helped me finance a wonderful home for my family. During the process of getting my loan, I had additional life changes that caused me stress. I will always appreciate the professional and kind manner in which Bruce treated me with every interaction I had with him. I was having difficulty remembering due to the stress and needed to have some instructions and explanations repeated. Bruce was respectful, patient and kind no matter how many times I needed him to repeat things to me. Communication was great and he prepared me in advance for each next step of the loan process. There were no unexpected surprises and Bruce made sure I received all the information I needed to be prepared. Although my transaction with Bruce is complete, I feel comfortable that I could still call him with any questions in the future. I highly recommend his services. I hope to purchase more property and Bruce will be the first one I call for financing when that happens. I certainly will work with him again!

Kim Mahr

Bruce Waller is the absolute best! From the very beginning Bruce was extremely reliable and made the mortgage experience much less stressful than previous experiences I have had. He has A LOT of experience and knowledge and you can trust him completely! He works around the clock and goes above and beyond to insure that his clients needs are met. I feel extremely fortunate that I worked with Bruce, and as a result, my children and I are now happily settled in our new home.

Megan Troup


She was pleasant, friendly, easy to talk to, and eager to answer ALL my silly, important, and unusual questions honestly. She returned messages quickly, answered the phone pleasantly, and called me to ensure I saw her email messages. She even assisted with lowering mt homeowners insurance cost.

Joan Johnson

Bruce was very responsive to all of my questions and was great at reaching out to me and helping me through the process. As a new home buyer, Bruce was great with guiding me to take the right steps along the way.

Max Long

Great to work with! As a first time home buyer, I was nervous about the home buying experience. I did my research and found Bruce through an Educator program. Bruce guided me throughout the process and did an excellent job in communicating and informing me if anything was needed. His professionalism and guidance made my experience pleasurable and not stressful. Even when we had to redo the numbers after I reduced my down payment he calmly guided me through the process. At the end of it, the home buying process felt more of a learning experience contrary to what I thought coming into it. I would highly recommend Bruce to anyone looking to buy a house.

Erastus Ndinguri

Awesome Lender

I first contacted Staci to check how the process of getting a mortgage would work for my situation. She explained to me what was needed, details and everything else at that point.

She was always checking that things were great in the process. Besides she helped me out to understand the process very well.

In addition, she put me in contact with a great real estate agent with whom I developed a great relationship. Between Staci and Erin, they both, walked me through the process to understand what a home purchase is.

It was a great learning experience and I am very thankful to Staci for her help, inputs and checking all the time that things were according to my expectations as a client.

I highly recommend Staci Alyse Rubin as your mortgage specialist

German Sandoya

Bruce is awesome. He helped my husband and I with our refinance. He kept us informed and answered all questions promptly. I will definitely recommend him to our family and friends.

Dr. Kalisha

Staci was excellent to work with. She knows that the mortgage process can be overwhelming for people and makes sure that she keeps in constant contact with you so that you don't feel stressed. She really means it when she says call, text, or e-mail anytime! The longest I ever had to wait for a response to a phone call, text, or e-mail throughout the whole mortgage process (even at 10 PM on a weekend) was 10 minutes. She has answers throughout every step of the confusing process and always knows exactly what you need. Coming from a very frustrating mortgage experience, Staci was fantastic to work with and makes the process of getting a mortgage less burdensome. I will definitely contact her for all of my home lending needs in the future and would happily recommend her to anyone else.

Laura Grande

The first time buying a house can be intimidating, but I never felt that way going through the process with BOE. They were always very responsive and easy to contact, and I always felt I knew what was coming next and when to expect it. Very professional and thorough from pre-qualification to loan closing.

They adapted easily over the course of 3 months of house searching. In such a tight market, my LO was quick and ready with whatever papers we needed, and when I got married midway through it didn't cause a single hang-up. The team at BOE is very knowledgeable and the entire process went smoothly. There were no surprises, just as they guaranteed. No lender fees and closed right on time!

After hearing what some of my friends went through as first time loaners, I was shocked at how enjoyable BOE made things! 10/10! Go with BOE! You won't regret it.

Jason Toedter

Thanks for making this process so easy for first time home buyers like us. Also I appreciate you
always asking about Laura & the baby. Honestly, that’s why we chose you. The other guy offered a little better deal, but kept calling me at the hospital. But you texted me that family always comes first. Seriously, I respect a man who puts family above his commission check. And that’s why I will refer to all my family, co-workers and friends!

Bob Brackbill

I got referred to Bruce through a friend and during our first conversation I was assured e could help me. We chatted for a while about life and kids and he was very easy b to talk to. He explained the process of gathering paperwork, the preapproval, the underwriting and the approval. He guided us step by step through email, text and phone calls. He even waived our fees so we brought less at closing. i wasn't sure we'd even qualify for a loan because my husband had changed jobs, but Bruce assured us he would do what he could to get us in a new home. We are so excited to be moving into our first house. We couldn't have done it without a great mortgage guy backing us in from beginning to end.

Angela LAws

Bruce was there whenever i need him for a very long time as i signed over my old home to my ex husband and bought a new home myself.

Michele Eisler


I am a First-Time Home Buyer and Ms. Staci walked me through the whole process. She made sure I turned in ALL paperwork in a timely manner. I closed on my house May 12, 2017 which was Quicker than Expected. During the Process she explained EVERY step. She loves what she does! She was on VACATION in JAMAICA and she still continued to get my loan approved. No matter the time of day or night, she was ALWAYS AVAILABLE . She has made a dream come true for me so I will forever be Grateful.. I would recommend Ms. Staci to GOD if he needed a loan????

Tiffany Woods

Bruce was AWESOME. He explained everything in layman's terms so that I was not confused about anything. He holds true to his word, I could not have had a better person to work with. He said no lender fees would be charged and they weren't. Although everything is complete, he does call to see if I am ok and to see if I have any questions.

Audrey Poole

Bruce was wonderful and so helpful with my home buying process. We ran into a lot of obstacles (due to an incompetent selling agent), but Bruce was there every step of the way helping me overcome these obstacles and calming my frazzled nerves. He was always available even when he was home sick with a stomach virus or had a day off.

Kathy esposito

Extremely well done and thorough job!

We bought our first house this month and used Staci as our lender. She was there with us through every step of the way, made sure we had everything done on time, and answered every question we had before we even asked. She did everything that she could to get us the best rate possible. I highly recommend her as she turned this stressful time into what seemed to be a very simple process.

Ryan and Alyssa Kroll

In my job, I cannot carry my phone around with me all day. So it was great to be able to work with Bruce through email, website & text messages. For the closing, a representative came to our house, after we got off work. How convenient is that? Go with Bruce!

Charles Garner

Staci Alyse Rubin is THE BEST!!!!!

I received an email from Staci a few years ago and have been working hard to improve our credit scores. She continued to email and this year, I responded with hesitation (unsure if she was real or a scam). SHE IS SO REAL AND SO GOOD AT HER JOB! Throughout the entire process, she made me feel as though she was a longtime friend wanting the best for our family and our closing. I rarely had to ask questions because she was giving me the answers first. Always there, always available, always explaining, always positive and looking out for our best interest! She found the best mortgage insurance in our state!! Can't say enough good things about Staci and how well she prepares buyers all the way to closing! I highly recommend Staci and AnnieMac and will call them again if we ever move. Thank you Staci for everything you did for us throughout this entire process!!!! YOU are THE BEST!!! Sincerely, Glenda Buckland, FSU

Glenda Buckland

Staci is one of the hardest working people I have met

Staci was on top of everything. She guided us through the mortgage process like the expert she is.

We had a tough experience with a prior lender and Staci put that in the rear view very quickly.

Steve Buschbacher

Mr. Waller is very helpful and insightful. This is the second time He has help me and if I ever have to buy again I will use him again. He is always available which is a plus nowadays.

Iris Alonzo

Hey Bruce, thanks for that tip on the book about Parakeets. Man, I can’t believe you remembered our talk about them when I applied! And thanks for explaining how the whole FHA things works and
closing our loan so fast. You should be hearing from my younger sister today about doing her loan too. Have a great day!

Bill Jones

My appraisal didn't come in the way we needed but Staci figured out a way to ...

Staci is super knowledgeable, thorough, and prompt. I never had to check in on her because she was always 2 steps ahead of me and the timeline of my closing. My appraisal didn't come in the way we needed but Staci figured out a way to work with it and help me achieve my refinancing goals.I will definitely use Staci again for any mortgage needs.

Yasmine Mollings

She has given us a peace of mind that we are in the very best possible hands to ...

Staci Rubin worked tirelessly in pursuit of our refianance needs. She is the most professional, courteous, and hardest working individual we have ever had the pleasure to work with in any capacity. She returns texts and phone calls almost immediately. Never, ever keeps you waiting for a question to be answered and she has answered many of our questions and concerns (no matter how simple or dumb our questions may be). She has given us a peace of mind that we are in the very best possible hands to get the best deal possible for us to attain a loan. We sleep better at night knowing Staci Rubin is working for us! I will personally vouch for this lady and for all the hard work she has done for me and my wife in helping us attain a 30 yr. fixed loan at great rates and terms!

Genaro Lopez

My family and I would like to thank Staci for all of her help. It was a long and strenuous process but she was their every step of the way and able to answer any and all questions we had. She made sure we were ready to close before our closing date. (Sadly the seller wasn't ready so we closed few weeks late). My family and I can't thank her enough for all her help and I would recommend anyone to use her services again. Bottom line she gets the job done and that's what you need when going through the home buying process. Thanks again,Mike

Mike Cannici

She was available nearly 24/7.

I have to admit, I was skeptical to use Staci. The whole pitch seemed way too good to be true; usually when it seems that way, it is. Boy, was I wrong. Staci walked right alongside me during this whole process of purchasing my first home. She was available nearly 24/7. She was able to push and get my loan commitment completed in less than 20 days also, which is pretty aggressive. She is clearly very knowledgeable, despite being located in Pennsylvania and assisting me in Florida. She saved me boatloads of money throughout the whole process. If I ever decided to buy another home, I would go right to her!

Amber Salley

I just closed my Refi today. Staci was great!! She made the process very simple and pain free. She def had our best interest in mind and made sure we were getting the best possible Refi for our situation.When it comes to responsiveness and ease of communicating with her - things couldn't have been better. Can't say enough good things about her. I highly recommend her

Donald Whitten

She is extremely quick to respond, professional, and very thorough.
Have used Staci to purchase two homes in the past year. She is extremely quick to respond, professional, and very thorough. Thanks to Staci's dedication, the process of obtaining a loan went very smoothly - from applying for the loan to closing. It was a pleasure working with Staci.

Jennifer Nicholson

Dear Bruce: From the day, you showed a genuine interest in helping us mortgage. Thereafter, you
worked with and followed us all the way to the end of our day of closing. You were professional,
punctual, and upfront with paperwork needs, honest, trustworthy and dependable. We owe a debt of
gratitude to you for getting us through the whole mortgage process. Many, many thanks.

Terrence A. James & Dr. Rose H. Merrell-James

I can't say enough about her efforts for making sure that I got a home loan.

Staci is amazing. She doesn't know this, but throughout the whole home buying process, I called her my bulldog. She gets things done. There were several times where I was uncertain, nervous, scared (all the things that come with buying your first home), but she constantly reassured me that we were going to be able to make it happen. She was right on top of everything that we needed and was available day and night. I can't say enough about her efforts for making sure that I got a home loan. She follows through on everything she says she is going to do. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else! Also, she makes the best chocolate.

Valerie Hill

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